$6K A Month Through Content Marketing – AJ Saunders

$6K A Month Through Content Marketing – AJ Saunders

Why Most People Fail With Affiliate Content Marketing

1) Not understanding how google works. 

Google works on keyword phrases so you never go to google of being and type out in a formal way.

You need to think about how people search for things and it sometimes may be a little different to what you expect.

The moment people get that, they can start looking for phrases that their audience are already searching for. They then start to realize that actually writing content around that phrase is actually really simple.

You just need to get that phrase in there a couple of times in the heading,  the url, in the body a couple of times and google will start to understand that that page is about that topic.

1) Google hates academic style writing.

You need to write creatively and succinctly.

Avoid dead paragraphs that are very technical and that have no personality to them.

These are really difficult to read and that just doesn’t work online

One of the things that I always go in and say is put your paragraphs in half. Use really short sentences. Talk as you talk in real life.

How To Create Content Quickly And Easily

Get out your phone and start recording. Just have a conversation with yourself on your phone.

There are apps that now can just convert audio into a transcript. Editing a transcript is pretty straightforward.

Turn 20 Questions Into A Piece Of Content

Let’s say you want to promote an affiliate offer and wish to write a monetized blog article about it.a

Think of every possible question that a prospective customer might have before they purchase that product.

Write those questions down and try to transfer that into content. That’s what your target customer is searching for.

The moment you realize that your customers are actually giving you all the content ideas that you need and then you just need to write them up or create a video about that. Soon you will find that you are creating good content without too much effort.