Our listeners are people that are building a business online. They belong to one of the following categories:

Online Marketers

This covers anybody looking to build and promote their business online. This could include anyone from affiliate marketers to small business owners. It could be professionals or even brick and mortar store owners. The key is that these are people that are in the process of building an online profile. They are interested in anything that will help them build their brand and reach more customers online.


Amongst our audience are business coaches and life coaches. These people are very hungry for information, tools and tricks that will help them build an audience and put them into contact with more quality prospects. Coaches provide such a valuable service for people looking to excel in life. They are always looking to stay up to date with information that helps their pursuit of building their business online.

People Who Help Others Grow Their Business

We also have an audience of content creators, personal branding builders, paid advertising consultants, web site developers, social media gurus and many others who focus on helping their customers win more business online. These experts provide services that increase revenue for their clients, otherwise they would be out of business themselves. If you are in the same type of business, you can discover lots of tips and tricks to help you achieve success in your own business.


Are you the type of person that loves the DIY mentality? Are you constantly learning and implementing things that allow you to continually grow? When you tune into our show, you will learn how successful marketers once faced the challenges that you are facing now. You will hear about the turning points that changed everything for them. We hope to help you implement similar changes in your own business.

If you identify with our audience, feel free to dig through our past episodes and find out how our knowledgeable guests can help you achieve a breakthrough in your own business.

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