Automate All The Crappy Stuff In Your Business

Automate All The Crappy Stuff In Your Business

What On Earth Is A Virtual Work Wife?

It’s sort of a running joke when you’re working full-time in a big corporation, you find somebody who’s your partner like somebody you can rely on that person that you meet at the water cooler.

That person who has your back, your work wife or your work husband. 

Why You Should Be Picky About What Clients And Work That You Take On.

I eventually decided that I did not want to give 12 hours a day to a company because I wanted to be with my kids but I still wanted to make money. I decided to work from home. I was literally taking any kind of job that I could to get the business off the ground.

What I noticed is that a lot of other people were taking that step out of the workforce and we’re talking 2005 now, not like last year. It was 20 years ago, when people were just starting to work at home.

I noticed that small businesses, the mom-and-pop shop who were just trying to get something going but didn’t have the money or the space in their business to hire somebody full-time but they still needed that person who could be their helper. 

When you’re working at home, you’re sort of lonely. You don’t have a partner and you’re trying to do it all yourself. So they needed that virtual work wife. They needed somebody who could step in and help them and that didn’t cost them as much as a staff member would.

It’s that thing when you’re doing anything to get off the ground because you’re a scrapper and hustler. You’re gonna do whatever it takes to get the job because you need money.

You end up doing work that you don’t necessarily like doing.

That was what it was for me.

I was happy to be making the money and staying at home with my kids but I’m still not happy. The job isn’t fulfilling.

I sat down and I tried to figure it out. I made a list of the things that I hated and I just stopped doing them.

I stopped taking on the clients that I didn’t want and decided that I’m never going to do those things again for anybody.

Double Down On What You Like Doing

I kept doing the work that I enjoyed and decided that I wanted to do more of that work for the clients that I enjoyed working with.

I Discovered Automation & That People Needed It

We all know that we need to do discovery calls to get people through the door. Your best chance of selling somebody your product is to talk to them personally about your product and nobody’s going to love your product more than you do so you’ve got to get people on the phone.

Nobody Likes Doing Sales Follow Up

If you don’t close them on the phone, how are you going to follow up with them?

Everyone is happy to pitch but nobody likes doing the follow-up calls. It feels like begging or like being a used car salesman.

So I learned how to automate it. I set up some automation that’s going to send out an email or text message. It’s going to give that friendly reminder without you having to do it.

It saves a huge amount of time and generates business without you lifting a finger.