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Do You Want To Be A Featured Expert On The “When It Worked” Podcast?

I am certain that you will find our podcast experience to be smooth, effortless and loads of fun!

After my own experiences doing hundreds of interviews I noted down all of the little things along the way that allow the guests to have a highly engaging and fulfilling experience.

Not only that but we go the extra mile in promoting your appearance to make sure you get as much exposure as possible!

STEP ONE: check out who’s listening.  Check out who the audience is. Make sure that these are the people that you want to get your message out to.

STEP TWO: fill out our featured expert application form. We ask some questions ahead of time because we know how important it is to make this process as easy as possible for you. We want this to be a really great moment for you. It will take 2 or 3 minutes but afterwards you will glad that we were so efficient!

STEP THREE: We assess your application and respond via email in no longer than 48 HRS.

…THEN, We Start Putting Your Strengths On Display To Our Audience!

If your appearance gets booked and confirmed, we start promoting it like crazy!  

Julian has a big mailing list, Facebook page and thousands of followers on YouTube. Your appearance will be promoted in all of these places.

Plus, you will get a prewritten email that you can send out to your list.  Just add your name and signature and blast them out. We will also provide you with an affiliate link so you can earn commissions in the event that your followers buy something from us. (it’s the small things that make the difference!)

We also have some promo images you can put on your own website  once your booking has been approved.

Finally, we are generous with the content rights and encourage you to use and reuse the audio from your interview. You can find more details here.