Breaking Through The Noise

Breaking Through The Noise

The Big Misconception About Personal Branding

I think one of the biggest misconceptions about personal branding is that it’s about you just shouting about yourself and it’s really not.

It’s about connecting with the people who need what you have to offer and to do that you have to get clear on who you are as a brand.

It’s all pretty much the same in terms of just getting clear on what we now call the value proposition or your why.

Then the second piece is, you have to figure out who needs what you have to offer.

So what people tend to do is they try to cover all their bases.

The Generalist Trap

I find that the more specific you are, the more you can connect with your ideal customers.

Instead of just trying to you know cover all your bases which is really generic messaging. If you do that you’re speaking to everyone which means that you’re speaking to no one.

Once you get known for doing one thing really well people will come to you.

Breaking Through The Noise

You want to get known for something because it will help you break through the noise.

We are on average being messaged at a rate of roughly 12 000 messages a day, which translates to more than four million messages a year.

The clearer you can be, the more succinct you can be, the more consistent you can be, the easier it will be for people to find you.

It’s Not Just About Messaging

It’s not just about messaging, it’s about being able to cut through all that noise. 

What most people tend to do is they’re internally focused and they talk about their company and how great they are.

No one cares about this. What they care about is finding something that is meaningful to them. If it’s not meaningful to somebody who needs it they will leave and never come back.

Unify Your Message Across Platforms

People don’t think about the fact that those who come to your website are not you.

They don’t know anything about you. These days social media. The next thing they’ll do is they’ll go to your website. A common problem is that there’s a huge disconnect in your messaging on the different platforms.

The idea is not just to break through the noise once but to use all of these different platforms to help you break through on a much bigger scale.

Consistent Messaging Is Key

The more consistent and aligned everything is, the easier it is for someone to remember you.

So if you go on my twitter feed, linkedin profile, website it’s the same messaging.

I’m not trying to be somebody different on each of these platforms.

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