Building An Audience With A Marketing Budget Of Zero Dollars

Building An Audience With A Marketing Budget Of Zero Dollars

There Is Plenty Of Room For You In The Market

 It’s important to understand that there’s enough room for everybody. There’s always enough business to go around.

Niche Down!

It’s crucial to define who your audience is. Niching down.

If you’re selling to everybody, you’re selling to nobody. There are billions of businesses that could be our customers but if we went out and tried to get billions of businesses to be our customers as a small business, it’s just not going to work.

So it’s very important if you’re in your very early stages you have to niche down. You have to pick a general market that you could appeal to and that your product appeals to some larger audience and pick a very small portion of that.

From there we have the starting point of people that we can go out and directly speak to and talk to on their level and create extremely specific copywriting on our website.

How To Build An Audience With No Money Down

First I will tell you what not to do!

I started out by loading up a facebook custom audience and then spending three thousand dollars on an ad that does not work, because I did that.

I got absolutely zero return on investment for that. I set up a landing page and then I sent three thousand dollars worth of facebook ads traffic to it and nothing happened. Facebook ads work really well when you already have an audience because there’s proof associated with that. There are people to back up any claims that you make, there’s reviews there.

Here Is What I Did

I brainstormed who my ideal customer was and where they were likely to hang out.

My ideal customers were Marketing Agencies. I realized that they hang out in agency specific facebook groups and they listen to lots of podcasts. So you identify where your target audience is spending their time and then you go be there and that’s what I did. I solicited basically 30 podcasts and like three people got back to me.

Prepare for rejection, it happens. 

The Flywheel Effect

That’s going to create sort of a flywheel effect. What happened is the third podcast I did in those initial three was with a guy named Jonathan Denwood on a podcast called the Tubbytonic.

It went really well.  It was the best out of the three that I did and then he invited me back onto a show that he calls his “round table” where he gets three to three to five wordpress influencer types to discuss topics of importance within the wordpress community and the marketing community in general.

On this podcast was another podcaster and another sas owner, his name being Chris Badgett, who then invited me on his podcast.