Creating Impact & Growth On A Budget

Creating Impact & Growth On A Budget

It’s All About Community Building

When it comes to organic content or paid advertising I think it’s worth looking at the fact that you can build a community online without paid advertising to start and there’s a lot of things you can do organically to get out there.

You can interact and comment on other places that your audience and your target audience will be likely to be.  That’s free, apart from your time which is not always free but that doesn’t cost your business any money at the time.

This is powerful especially for a small business, individual entrepreneur or start ups.

Curating Content From Others

If you are more established you have customers and supporters that are looking to actually create content in your own community.

You could save a ton of time on new content creation and not worry about the expense of filming original design pieces by curating content from your supporters and followers as they share their own experiences with your business.

Just Ask For Content

Create a challenge that people can participate in. Get them to share their submissions on your own platform, whether it’s using your hashtag or not.

You are able to use those submissions later.

If you can also put out content that’s impactful or informative that people can actually respond to, you can then remix those responses and those comments.

Easily Get Instagram Followers With The $1.80 strategy.

It’s just a matter of choosing content from 10 different hashtags within your niche and then commenting on nine posts every single day that you choose from that are maybe relevant to engage with.