Does Podcasting Still Work For Brand Building?

Does Podcasting Still Work For Brand Building?

Does Podcasting Still Work As A Marketing Tool?

There’s a number of different ways that you can take advantage of the platform whether you’re looking to start your own show as a means of communicating with your audience.

It’s a very fun and innovative way to do that and it allows you to create good content.

If you want to utilize the podcast space as a value driven guest, that is a tremendous way to build your brand, expand your network and showcase your expertise.

You find shows that align with your mission and your message and you make guest appearances and you make a serious impact on those shows and when the audience hears you, the idea obviously is to provide so much value that they seek you out for more.

They follow your call to action, they come into your world and then you can provide them value in any way.

Podcasting Is A Marathon Not A Sprint

I tell anybody that I’m working with, if you’re going to get into the podcast space you want to make sure that you’re 100% committed to it.

Unfortunately there’s a lot of people that do get into podcasting thinking this is the next big thing then they get three or four episodes into their show and they go holy crap this is a lot more work than I thought.

It starts to move down the priority list to the point or until it gets to a point where they just walk away from the show completely and it’s extremely unfortunate because they really haven’t tapped into what their show can become.

It takes time to develop your skill set to get better at being a podcaster and while you’re doing that, that’s when you grow your audience you get better at creating content that’s going to attract people.

When you attract people, if they like what you’re doing they’re going to recommend that content to others and if you put yourself in that position.

That’s how you grow but some people just don’t let that opportunity unfold and they walk away way too fast.

If It’s Fun, You Probably Won’t Quit

Do not put yourself in a position where what you’re doing with your podcast is a chore because when it becomes a chore that’s when it’s just very easy to say I’m going to skip this week. Then I skip the next week and then all of a sudden I don’t have a show anymore because I just stopped doing it.

If you approach it with a plan of action knowing exactly how much time you have to dedicate to it and what you want to talk about. If you put that level of planning into your approach from the start you’re going to have much better success from the early going.

If it’s something that you’re interested in and you actually enjoy it’s going to be a lot easier to keep going and you do need to look at it as a long-term strategy. 

Repurposing Content

I think that the great thing about the podcasting space and doing your podcast is the fact that you have a one piece of content that can be repurposed into a lot of different things you’ve got clips that you can pull clips that are anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute that will preview the show that it could be a real point of impact in the conversation that you feature in a reel or on tiktok or in a youtube short. 

You could pull an entire segment and make a video of it and put it on youtube. Your show notes can also go on your website and serve as a blog post.

You’ve got all kinds of different materials built within. Then there are services that will transcribe the audio of your podcast. You can turn that into a blog post or some sort of written content that people can consume as well.

So doing all of those things ultimately helps build the visibility of your show because you’re giving people options on how to find you. The end goal is to get people to come and listen to your show but if you go down the road of repurposing you open a lot of different opportunities for people to find you and you can have discussions.

When you have those powerful discussions when the time is right people are going to seek you out. So when it’s finally time for them to say “all right, I want to listen to a whole episode”, they’re familiar with you and what you do so repurposing is definitely something to take advantage of.