Fear Of Being Judged Online – Lindsay Hanson

I went to school for accounting, did a master’s degree and got my CPA license which is a certified public accountant.

I went through that whole process of about five years and then I started my career in 2017 and pretty much right away hated it.

I did not enjoy the work I was doing. I didn’t find it fulfilling.

I knew that even if I switched to a different field within accounting I wasn’t going to enjoy the work and there was just something in me that was like there has to be more to life than going to a nine to five and sitting at a desk and punching numbers into a computer all day not.

So it was only about a year into my job when I started thinking that I needed to make a change. At the time I was really passionate about fitness. I had been on my own fitness journey for a few years.

I really enjoy being a personal trainer and being a fitness coach and helping people reach their goals in that way. That sounds really fulfilling to me and I also was seeing all of these coaches online that were coaching their clients from anywhere in the world. They had the freedom to set their own schedule to work when they wanted to and I wanted that.

I wanted that freedom and that fulfillment and so I enrolled in a course to get my personal training certification. I ended up quitting my job in december of 2018 which was a year and a half after I started and then I launched my online coaching business which started as fitness coaching. So now it’s obviously evolved into doing business coaching, social media management and I have my own podcast as well.