Get Media Coverage With 5 Easy Steps

Get Media Coverage With 5 Easy Steps

Creative People Are Bad At Marketing Themselves

You have a great thing that you’re putting out into the world whether it be music, art, writing or you’re an author, you want people to know about it and to benefit from it.

That’s why you create it and it’s crucial that you talk to somebody who can help open doors to get you into a different audience space.

It’s Not About You Or Your Product…

Whenever you undertake any sort of media relations it’s really not about you it’s not about your product it’s not about your service. What you’re really offering is the benefit of you, your product or service to that media outlet’s audience.

That’s what they care about. How are they going to put something of value in front of that audience. 

How To Get In Front Of A New Audience

1) Create A Wish List

There are all sorts of publications including traditional media like tv and newspapers and magazines and also digital media like blogs and podcasts.

Then you need to think about local versus national and even beyond.

There’s all these different places that you could approach but you can’t do it all at once and nor should you. 

You really should have a list in priority order of where you want to approach because you need to ensure that the alignment between their audience and your audience or your offering is the same.

So then you just create a list and it could be 50 places but you’re only going to approach the first five.

That’s really important, because to be effective at outreach it takes time. It takes time to craft the right message that you’re going to send to them.

It takes time to build the right relationships and to do all of the follow-up. So you can’t be pitching 50 at one time. It’s a


2) Build Real Relationships

A journalist, reporter, editor, producer or podcast host are real people. 

People need to take the time to get to know you and understand what you like and what you talk about and who you’re serving from an audience perspective and what’s going to resonate with them.

It does you no good to just be bombarded with information that you’re never going to be able to take action on. It’s really going to help you if you start forming these strategic relationships going forward.

3) Get Your House In Order

This is where you really need to start clarifying what your message is. Working out what it is that you have to offer that media outlet before you even approach them.

Getting all of the right materials together is crucial because each type of publication and tv show radio show needs different types of assets from you.

It does you no good to be on a radio show and only have physical things that people need to see in order to understand what you’re talking about so you need to get all of that together before you make your pitch.

If you make a pitch and someone says, “yeah that’s great I want to cover that”, you have got to be ready to go.

4) What Is Your Hook?

What is it that’s going to entice this person to reach out to you and ask for more information?

The goal is to get them to contact you to respond to you to get more information.

The goal is not to send them everything all at once in hopes that they do something with it because nine times out of ten they won’t.

The most important thing you can do is figure out what the right hook is.

What’s gonna be enticing to them and what’s gonna get them to say, “I want to hear more”?

5) Show Them Your Special Sauce

Every powerful pitch includes what makes you different. What makes you unique? How do you and your product or services relate to their audience?

You need to focus on that benefit to the audience. I like to show them why you’re special and why you have something that their audience is gonna want.

Whether that be your information, your expertise or your product/service.