Getting Fired The Week Before Christmas – Mark V Smith

Getting Fired The Week Before Christmas – Mark V Smith

Getting Fired Before Christmas

The process started back in 2018 when I lost my job you know I had worked for a for-profit school and I had been in post-secondary education for over 15 years and one day in December 2018, less than a week before Christmas, I got a knock on my door and it was from our campus president.

He said Mark , I need to see you in my office. So I go and our regional directors are there, all the other management team is in there and they tell us that they’re closing their doors and not just for today and they’re closing the doors for good.

To add insult to injury they said they’re doing that at five o’clock today. So literally I had about a six hour notice. I had no job a week before Christmas. 

Comfort Is The Casualty Of Growth

I went home and called my wife. I told her that I was gonna be there for lunch today and she said great. 

I said but I’m not coming back to work, we’re closing our doors. She immediately was kind of taken back and shocked.

She didn’t panic, she was the glue.

She said to me”

 You know you’ve always had a passion for speaking to people, affecting change. You know you always had that adage that comfort is the casualty of growth.

Well here you go you got comfortable and it stopped you from growing and now is your opportunity to take what you’ve done and take it to the next level.

Time To Get Busy

So after about three or four weeks of feeling sorry for myself, angry and agitated. Then I just started journaling about my feelings and about what was the lesson that I’m supposed to learn throughout all of this.

A New Door Opens

That opened the door in my mind.

I kept continuing writing and decided to put out a youtube video.

One Youtube Video Created A New Opportunity.

On January 16 2019 I launched my very first youtube video that got well over 100 views and 100 likes which is unusual for a first video to get.

It seemed to be getting traction so I just kept at it.

Then in June of that year a good friend of mine came to me. He wanted to introduce me to a gentleman that owned a radio station, Star 107 FM based out of Columbus Ohio.

We had a conversation and the gentleman’s name is David Bynum. David liked what I was talking about and offered me an opportunity to present “The Process” on the radio every second Saturday morning at 10 o’clock.

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