How Long Does It Take For Podcasting To Impact Your Business?

How Long Does It Take For Podcasting To Impact Your Business?

How Has Podcasting Impacted Your Business?

When I first started, I decided I was going to talk about innovation in various aspects and look at it from the business, marketing and sales tactics mindset but then we expanded out into a lot of peripheral activities.

I chose to reach out to a lot of the people that I had strong relationships with in my corporate career and they were spread all over the world and I thought the podcast is a great way to reconnect with those people and have conversations about what they’re doing right now.

Very quickly they introduced me to other people in similar situations to them and I started to realize this is a great way to learn stuff.

I get to speak to an expert in their field for sometimes an hour and learn everything that I want to learn in that time by asking questions.

I get to share it with my audience so the audience started to build up as I spoke about the podcast as we promoted it.

After about episode 50 or so I started to realize that this was actually bringing me business. People were actually talking to me after the podcast guests were saying hey we need your help with something. 

They saw how I approached things and I liked the way I did that and so they thought you know they trusted me enough to allow me to help with other areas.

Then I got very intentional about using podcasting as part of the marketing process.

Building A Podcast Marketing System

We really built the whole system around the podcast and make it very efficient from the moment we first identify who’s going to be a guest on the show right through to

 after the episode is published.

We think about how to maintain the conversations with that guest, how to maintain those relationships and I call it now the flywheel.

It’s got its own momentum, it’s virtually impossible to stop now.

We’ve got guests booked for recording out into June and we’ve got episodes already recorded ready to publish out into May.

Maintaining a Relationship With Guests

 We think in terms of creating an exceptional experience for the guest as well as the listeners of course and part of that philosophy is that it’s not over when you make the sale in the marketing and for the podcast it’s not over when we’ve recorded the show. 

The ongoing conversations are really important.

Some of the things we do are just regular check-ins with the people that we’ve had on the show as guests.

So it might be an email. I usually follow up a week later with a thank you video, a personalized video that I send them thanking them for coming on the show and just emphasizing some of the takeaways that I myself had from the conversation.

Then we make it really easy for the guests to help promote the show by providing them with a whole lot of assets that we put together for social media promotion for example. After that it’s just regular content of different forms. It might be a quick mention on linkedin. 

It might be a short email touching base afterwards.

I came up with this idea of how to bring a whole lot of guests together and have a kind of a party. So I started off saying this is a virtual party to celebrate episode 250 and those turned into events where people actually had some deeper conversations. One another got to meet new people and that led to the guests connecting and doing joint ventures together.