Instantly Increase Conversions By 50% By Using Chatbots

Instantly Increase Conversions By 50% By Using Chatbots

Do We Need Chatbots?

In our businesses we’re dictated by what customers and consumers do in their behaviors and you know over the last few years there has been a growing expectation from customers in terms of getting immediate responses from businesses that they interact with.

The Shift Away From Social Media Newsfeeds

The year 2020 was the first year that people spent more time in their messaging apps and their social media messaging apps like messenger and facebook or snapchat direct messages than they actually did in the main news feed.

It’s starting to overtake some of their behaviors and reflects what’s going to happen from a business side of things.

That’s why I started implementing chatbots for businesses to have more conversations and more profitable conversations with their customers.

Chatbots Have On Average 10 Minutes Of Engagement Per Lead

The average conversation that businesses have with our chatbots can be up to 10 minutes long.

When you can engage prospects for that length of time you are able to really educate prospects about what you offer and how you can help them .

You are also building more trust with prospects and your brand and that increases the chance that they’re going to convert down the track.

Chatbots Have Up To 90% Open Rates

It’s a huge opportunity for businesses out there just to increase metrics, collect and to create an omni channel presence where they’re available wherever the customer needs them to be.

Running Competitions Via Chatbots

One of our clients runs monthly competitions.

The way they work is they offer prize that they might win if they undertake certain actions on a social media post.

For Example”

  • Tag 2 friends in the comments
  • Follow This Account

This can work for increasing followers and engagement but we can do a lot more if we incorporate chatbots into the mix.

We link that post with an instagram chat bot so after they leave that comment we then say “we’ll send you a dm to confirm your entry”.

That message then pops up after that comment says, “thanks for your comment”

Taking Contest Entrants To An Opt In Page Off Instagram

We then ask them to confirm their entry by entering in their email via a hyperlink to an optin page outside of instagram.

This allows you to gather information like your email or phone number.

We can automatically sync with any of your other external systems like aweber or a crm for example.