It’s Easier Than You Think To Write A Book – Melissa G Wilson

It’s Easier Than You Think To Write A Book – Melissa G Wilson

Authoring A Book Elevates Your Status

Let’s just imagine two people and they both look very professional and they introduce themselves and one says, “Here’s who I am. I have all these credentials”. The other person says and I am a published author.

That author status elevates you!

Get Through The Filter

Everyone’s filtering all the time as to whom should I believe, whom should I trust and who should I listen to.

Everybody wants to get this wisdom to be as successful as possible, whether you’re a solopreneur, or have a growing business.

Writing A Book Got Me A $500K Contract

I was on the women’s business graduate advisory board while I was working on a book about strategic alliances with the head of internal alliances at Accenture. I met somebody by the name of Jocelyn Carter Miller. She is well known for successfully bringing Motorola into Latin America and rose to being Vice President Of Motorola Inc.

I asked her a very significant question which was, “what’s one thing that you haven’t done in your career you’d like to do” and she said “I’d like to write a book”

So I went back to my publisher Jossey-Bass and shared with them that I’d like to do one about the corporate side of networking. They agreed and we ended up working on the book together. 

After working with Jocelyn on the book, she asked if I would like to deliver a proposal to come in and work with her to help us look at best practices for building a world-class marketing initiative out of Motorola. I agreed and it ended up being a half a million dollar contract.

My passion is about supporting authors as much as I can.

The Pie Formula For Writing A Book Easily

The crust of the pie is 30% of your book. It’s your outline. That’s so important that I spend a long time with authors to help them go through the outline

All the great ghost writers I’ve spoken with will tell you  that if you create a great outline you can write a great book.

Using Amazon Reviews To Research For Your Book Idea

One of the best places to research is Amazon. I consider Amazon a million dollar research tool because you can go in there and look at  the thousands of categories.

I usually recommend moving up from the one star reviews because it will make you feel good. You can look at any fantastic best-selling author example James Clear who wrote Atomic Habits. You can look at his one star reviews and you can see some things that readers wanted but that he failed to cover in his book.

You can then write a book that is similar to The James Clear Book, but includes all the topics that he left out.

Add 10% Of Your Personality To The Book

The final piece of the pie is the garnish. It’s going to be all about your personality and that’s the final 10 percent. The remaining majority of the pie is your content.

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