Jarie Bolander – How Stories Engage Prospects And Sell More

Jarie Bolander – How Stories Engage Prospects And Sell More

Jarie Bolander spent many years working as an engineer until life through him a heart-wrenching curve ball. When the love of his life, Jane was diagnosed with leukemia, Jarie sacrificed his engineering career to care for Jane.

Previously Jane had built a career as a publicist for professional athletes until cancer took hold. It was during this time that Jane and Jarie had a “light bulb moment”.

“What if they could make the PR business, work from home?”

Jarie took up the challenge of juggling dual-roles of carer and PR Maven.

It was sink or swim. Jarie decided that swimming was his only option, however;

“Fate was yet to deliver it’s final tragic blow.”

Sadly, Jane lost her battle with cancer in 2017.

Jarie was left to grieve alone whilst simulatenously bearing the burden of continuing to grow the business.

This is a truly inspirational story and one that has great lessons for founders and ceos.

So how did Jarie overcome the odds, find strength and flourish as a CEO?

Jarie’s Lessons For Success 1

  • Nobody cares about your product or technology.
  • The best story wins, not the best product.
  • The technology has to be good, but that is secondary to creating an engaging story about it.
  • Write to get paid, not to get praised.

This is about copywriting.

The Big Idea – The hook. The mission that will resonate with consumers. Telling the “story” is crucial.


Sutro Pool Robot

Early attempts to promote this focused on the technology, which did not engage prospects emotionally. For example, it’s accurate and works 24 hours a day to monitor the pool chemical levels.

What Is The Core Emotions Of Owning A Pool

  • People love and hate their pool.
  • Monitoring the chemicals is an annoyance and burden.
  • What Is Sutro really about – It an ecosystem to support the pool owner
  • The pool owner gets to be the hero
  • Emotion – Relief that the pool is going to be in good shape

“We Have Your Back, if something goes wrong Sutro is there for you.”

“Love Your Pool Or Spa Again”

Jarie’s Lessons For Success 2

  • Make outreach a part of your daily business process.
  • Who are the people that you want to focus on
  • Really focus and niche down
  • Customer Avatar
  • Podcasting – Get you past the gatekeepers and get straight to CEO

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