Living & Leading La Dolce Vita With Angela Santi

Living & Leading La Dolce Vita With Angela Santi

Incorporating “La Dolce Vita” In Your Business

Start from the idea that whatever you do must be a source of pleasure and joy for yourself and you also want to create a business that is aligned with who you are and how you function. Ideally, you want a business that lights you up.

In order to do all that the first thing that you have to do is to embody La Dolce Vita yourself, so everything starts from you. You impact everything around you, be it in business and be it in your private life as well.

La Dolce Vita can be something super luxury but also something very simple and actually it’s really about finding the simple pleasures in life and living the small pleasures every day.

The 4 Pillars Of La Dolce Vita

  1. Vitality
  2. Illumination 
  3. Techniques 
  4. Assets 


If you can always be focused, energized and enthusiastic, it will allow you to have great ideas and also navigate through very challenging moments.

Just being a business owner is a challenge in itself. It’s like being on a roller coaster.

You have to be centered and you have to be at your best every single day.

You need to be vital and you need to have a lifestyle that supports your business.

Alternatively, your business should support your lifestyle too.

So we want to find ways that help you get more vitality in your day. It’s like your well-being , how you eat, rest and sleep.


Illumination has to do with the things that light you up.That means creativity, the right mindset, attitude and values.

It also includes pleasure. So we want to make sure that in your day there is always something that lights you up.


Techniques are like the hard part. It’s strategies and systems that help you do that. This could include time management, organization and setting boundaries which is a very important thing for entrepreneurs.


The asset is you. It’s your beliefs, skills and everything that supports you in your lifestyle.

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