Podcasting At Scale With Asynchronous Interviews

Podcasting At Scale With Asynchronous Interviews – Carl Robinson

Podcasting Works, But It’s Time Consuming

A lot of people really want to do a podcast or they are doing a podcast and the thing that bothers them is that it’s quite a lot of work. Is it possible to find a way to make podcasting easier and more scalable?

Create Podcasts Without Even Being There

Rumble Studio is an online Saas application that helps creators, businesses and agencies to create audio content like podcasts faster, easier and cheaper.

We use asynchronous interviews. It’s not live interviews but rather an automated interview where you prepare your questions in advance. You add them into Rumble Studio and or use one of our templates and then you can send a public link to one person or as many and each person who gets that link clicks it.

They go through and they get interviewed by Rumble Studio. They get their own version of the interview and the studio takes them through the interview questions one question at a time.

How The Aynchronous Interview Works

  1. The questions can be text only or they can be audio. If you’ve taken the time to record them up front, the guest hears your voice, asking them the first question.
  2. They click record and they answer it by recording their answer.

If they make a mistake they can redo. If they want to build up their answer over time, they can record multiple segments so it’s a zero pressure environment.

You can really think about what they’re going to say before they say it rather than just blurt out the first thing that comes into their head and then when they’re ready they move to the next question.

The creator then gets that audio back from one or multiple guests. They can put it together with your own audio, jingles or follow-up comments.

Then you just export it into one or more episodes.

Audio Processing On The Fly

We remove the silence, we level the volume, add some eq and make it sound as good as we can without any editing.

Just Give Guests Your Link

You get just a single link and you can send that individually on email, instant messenger or whatever. You can make it public, you can put it on your website, you can even put it on your social media if you dare and anyone who clicks that link will go through and get the same set of questions and produce audio content for you

A Perennial Interview Generating Tool

You can actually create a permanent interview. We have customers right now who just set five questions, they put the link up and it just sits there for months, just gathering more and more information and audio content from the people as they click on the link. 

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