Promotional Tools

Promotional Tools

This is how you can easily and quickly promote your appearance on the “When It Worked Podcast”. You can quickly grab these images and put them on your blog or website ahead of your interview.

We create a post just for you, so make sure you link to your post directly so that people do not get lost. Alternately, you can link directly to your featured guest profile (This is useful if you have multiple appearances, as all of your interviews will be on that profile page).

We want to position YOU as an EXPERT to our audience. Make sure your own followers are aware of your appearance because it will only boost your further in their eyes. Remember it is all of these small things that make all the difference, so don’t miss any opportunity to let everyone know.

You will find a selection below, just right click to save them to your device. Then you just need to upload then to your blog and website and link back to your post (which can be found on the episodes page).

Promote YOUR Episode Specifically
Make sure you link the image to your post on the episodes page!