Sometimes You Need To Rebrand With Danielle Stinnett

Sometimes You Need To Rebrand With Danielle Stinnett

When Your Business Grows Without Clear Branding

When we talk about rebranding it’s usually because they’ve outgrown their brand. They didn’t really think about it in the beginning and now they have a little bit more money in their pocket and they have more credibility with their community. They start wanting to have a more grown-up look, if you will.

Brands Go Through Stages

Brands kind of go through these stages kind of like how kids do. There is an infant stage where everything is new and once we understand the bells and whistles, we kind of move on to this teenage stage.

That is where we know what’s going on a bit more. We have sustained ourselves a little bit. Then you have more long-term brands that have gone through ebbs and flows and different phases and stages of the business.

They’re kind of champs or veterans if you will. I’d like to think of branding in terms of  businesses that are kind of in that newbie stage.

Choosing Who You Want To Do Business With

When we talk about branding for new businesses, one thing that happens often is that people find out that they like doing this particular type of business with this particular type of client.

So part of that rebranding is working out how to actually directly speak to those people who the client really wants.

You realize you don’t have to be kind of everything to everybody and you can actually specialize.