The Difference Between Brand & Branding – Barnaby Wynter

The Difference Between Brand & Branding – Barnaby Wynter

The Difference Between A Brand And Branding

The first major problem that most businesses face is that they are befuddled by the marketing communications industry between what a brand is and what branding.

A lot of businesses make the mistake of spending a lot of money on branding thinking that’s actually going to give them a brand and they absolutely are entirely different things so the first thing that’s worth pointing out is what’s the difference between branding and brand.

The branding is essentially the logo’s look and feel. It’s essentially how people engage with you in a physical and a visual way. That has nothing to do with brand where brand differentiates itself from those is something that we defined back in 1999.

Often most agencies can’t tell you the difference between the brand and branding. We define a brand as every experience that affects the relationship between a product or service and its buyer.

The true brand can only exist in the mind of somebody who’s exchanged the one single currency they have available to them which is time.

Time also manifests itself as money but in order to have money you have to spend time earning it, so for most people except all those that are independently wealthy most people have to work and give up their time to earn money.

When they’re actually giving you money in exchange for your product or service they’re actually giving their time.

Brand Is About Relationship

So what you’ve got to demonstrate is that what you’re giving them back is gonna be something that will take them a lot longer to do than it took you to do. That’s how

product sales and service sales go but the key thing about brand today is it’s a relationship.

It’s a relationship that people value more than the relationship they have with their money.

If you’ve worked for a whole week or a whole month for your money, your relationship with your money is very tight.

Our job as marketeers is to make sure that you facilitate an understanding that the relationship I’m going to give you with my product or my service is worth more than the relationship you have with your money.