Tiktok Vs Instagram For Lead Generation – With Sal Mannino

Tiktok Vs Instagram For Lead Generation – With Sal Mannino

Why Instagram Is The Most Difficult Social Platform

I would say instagram is the hardest to do because there’s a lot of things that people don’t think about behind it. You have to have kind of like two ways to look at it. You have to have a home base for your social media platform and the best one to do that is gonna be Instagram.

You can have photos, you can write long long-winded posts and you can have video content.

That’s where the bread and butter is however like tiktok is a place where there’s organic growth right.

Tiktok Gives Great Organic Growth

 So you have paid growth and you have organic growth tiktok gives the best organic growth that there is in the market right now.

All these platforms have done it at some point where organic growth was very exponential on their platform and then at some point it kind of like dwindles down.

Do I think tiktok is going to dwindle down anytime soon? I don’t think so. I think it has a really good algorithm of people showing their videos and instantly becoming pretty much famous.

But You Must Have An Instagram Presence

I think people need to have their home base of like where they want to build their platform.

I think Instagram is the hardest to do it on but I think people need to be on instagram in order to build their brand.

Instagram Storytelling Builds A Stronger Brand

The first thing I want to know about a small business is like what’s their story right because that’s going to help me build a foundation of their content strategy. There’s a lot of people out there that don’t they don’t really focus on that. 

Why Some People Overlook This

They get caught up in the financial situations and the money of it but I personally believe that you want to build up small businesses and you want to understand their story because that’s how you build a personal connection with somebody right.

I want to be able to build a personal connection with my client and I want my client to build a personal connection with their people.

You Have Two Options For Social Media Growth

You can do it organically or you can do it through paid ads.

If you do it organically, It’s going to take you five years. If you do it paid it’s going to take you maybe less than a year.

My Advice Is Focus On Building Credibility

You always want to build credibility with yourself and there’s so many different ways to do that. Somebody could be simply posting videos to get organic growth on tiktok. I recommend everybody do that from day one.

That’s my free piece of advice when I have a consultation with them or the first interview or whatever you want to call I’m like look are you on tiktok because if you’re not on tiktok you’re not going to be able to build your brand.

Tiktok Is The Best Place To Build Your Brand

It’s the best place to do it for free because you literally could gain 20 000 followers overnight.

The other option is to do something like a paid media campaign which would be like through shout outs and giveaway campaigns and stuff like that to build your brand which is also very good but you have to have the financial resources to be able to do that.

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