Upgrade Your Mornings With Ryan Cote

What Is Your Morning Routine

My morning routine has evolved over the last five years. I’ve tried a lot of different things, kind of like a chef cooking a dish,  just experimenting.

It’s a quick one, it’s less than 30 minutes because I’ve got three kids, so I need something that I could sustain.

  • I answer some questions.

I ask myself what my priority is for today. What am I grateful for? These are pen to paper. I also ask myself, who am I going to reach out to today? This includes clients, family members, mom or dad etc.

  • Affirmations.

Whatever is on my mind I write down on paper.

  • Exercise.

I exercise for five minutes and that’s not my only exercise but it’s my morning five minutes. I’ll do burpees for five minutes or pull-ups or the ab roller thing, just different movements for five minutes.

  • Meditation.

I meditate for five minutes using the “Insight Timer” app on my phone.

  •  Reading.

I read a few pages right now. I’m almost done with Robin Sharma’s, “Ever The Everyday Hero Manifesto”.

  • Light Therapy.

I have a “Happy Light” which is a UV light that I shine on my face like a crazy person. It feels good and enhances my mood. So I have that shining on me as I write down my answers.

I do this routine for 25 minutes each morning.