Using Linkedin To Generate Leads & Sales – Daniel Alfon

Using Linkedin To Generate Leads & Sales – Daniel Alfon

Optimizing Your Linkedin Profile

It is important to understand that the way people visit our profiles the first thing they see when I look at your profile is the banner and the profile photo. These give a very quick impression and it needs to be meaningful for your ideal reader.

Simply uploading a banner is something that probably 99% of Linkedin users have not done and it will take 30 seconds with Canva and 30 seconds uploading it.

The Best Content For Linkedin

The best content I found to work on Linkedin is educational content.

If you think about your ideal client and ask yourself, what are they struggling with and what educational content could I think of that would make them understand what I bring to the table.

You have to think about the terminology you would use when someone searches for your specialty.

What The Prospect Sees In The First 5 Seconds.

Think about the first five seconds where they see the banner and the headline. Is it going to make people scroll down to get more information from the featured section on your profile?

Have A Call To Action On Your Linkedin Profile

The call to action should be instructions to go to your website here or download this piece of information.

Digital Portfolio Inventory

I recommend identifying the evergreen content that you have and leveraging it on Linkedin on your profile and sharing it in specialized groups.

I call this a DPI, Digital Portfolio Inventory. You simply look at every content piece you have from the perspective of your prospect. You are simply informing them or giving them information that will help them run their business and you give away information that makes them view you as a trusted advisor.