What To Do When The Clients Stop Calling You

What To Do When The Clients Stop Calling You

There was a time where the clients that we worked with suddenly left us because some of the budgets have been cut off so there was no campaigns or projects to work on with.

I was struggling to sell our services and market myself. What I noticed was that every time I go to a meeting I always feel like I’m always qualifying explaining things over and over and over again.

How can I utilize my time in order for me to, instead of chasing clients, they are coming to me instead and that’s when I discovered that you can create content and position yourself online as an expert in your industry without being too sleazy or too salesy just by building your personal brand.

Most people think when they think about personal branding and they think about the logo the aesthetics but it’s actually more deeper.

I figured out is that when you create a content online that educates your prospects, you’re telling people, this is who I am as a person and this is what problems I ‘m capable of solving.

The problems that you’re solving will eventually become your personal brand but when I work with clients there are several processes that I work with in terms of personal branding so if you want me to go deeper I can go deeper into that.

1. Purpose

I always start with number one purpose if you think about it most people think that it sounded kind of cliche but if you’re building a brand all these big big brands that you know they have a big purpose behind it.

Like amazon you can buy things with a single click of hand and they make it streamlined and you know less friction for you to buy something.

So you as an entrepreneur or a business owner when you’re trying to build a personal brand you’re gonna learn what your purpose is what’s the reason you’re putting yourself out there.

Why do you even exist online, what is the promise you deliver.

I always believe people would like to work with people who are just like them and who have the same values, who are impact driven who are trying to solve the same problem.

2. Story

The reason I ‘m here is to share my story as well and I think there’s a saying that says facts tell, story sells.

You have to give people a chance to buy in and that’s the reason why personal story is important.

People would like to know what is the origin story of that product or even that brand you know in Starbucks commercials right instead of like talking about their founders sometimes they talk about the farmer you know where they got their beans because personal story is really important.

You gotta take an inventory of your what is your personal story that would make sense to the audience or prospects you’re trying to work with or attract.

3. Platform

Your purpose you know your personal story you got you got to have your own platform to deliver that message.

It could be any one of the social media platforms long as you selected a platform that makes sense for you.

Are you uncomfortable with video then maybe you should do audio podcasts.

4. Positioning

To use a car analogy do you want to be the Rolls Royce of your industrty. Maybe you should be the Mazda of your industry. Whatever you pick you have to be able to do it with authenticity.

This also carrries over to platform. For example if you are a CEO of a fortune 500 company, maybe Instagram is not the right platform. If you are dealing with professionals then perhaps linkedin is the right platform.

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