When Burnout Hits You Hard – Nikole Stanfield

When Burnout Hits You Hard – Nikole Stanfield

When Burnout Hits You Hard

We all have some level of burnout that we’ve experienced before, whether it’s from finals week and we get tired at the end of that or from all the work that we did or it’s from our family during the holidays and we’re like, “I don’t want to see you for a while”.

The level of burnout that I got to was almost this kind of “shutdown level” of burnout and I didn’t realize it was happening.

It happened over the course of about six months and it took me by surprise.

I didn’t know what’s going on. 

It started in about January and I would complete a project and instead of being excited or proud that I completed it, I would think to myself negative thoughts that the client will not like it or it will somehow not be good enough.

Over the course of those next six months things started to progress.

I would get done with a meeting and I’d be really frustrated and I would just like to rage quit and just be really angry or I would avoid client emails and I didn’t want to open them because they were always needy or needed to do this or that and so I just left them alone.

I got to a point where I would work 15 minutes and then I would be so bored with what I was doing I had to take a break. I had to go outside and walk or something like that but it would turn into an hour-long break.

I was working by the hour and being paid by the hour. That’s not really a good way to make money.

Am I Heading For A Nervous Breakdown?

I was potentially going to have a breakdown. I also did some reading on burnout for medical professionals and nurses and what that looks like and then I also worked with a personal coach and I was worried that I might be experiencing some depression so I also worked with a therapist online to bring all of those things together to help myself heal from burnout.

When I work with people I work with them on physical, mental and emotional health and I feel like a lot of times when we’re trying to get something for a client or we’re trying to get work done we put the needs of our employers our business our clients ahead of our own and we work, work, work.

Toxic Productivity

We almost have this toxic productivity that supports that grind. A lot of times we promote the financial side of work and we forget the physical needs of our body and we forget the emotional needs.

Give Yourself Permission To Have A Break

If I’m feeling emotionally this way it could be a sign of something else going on I need to pay attention to that.

We have to continue working and yet after I burned out when I gave myself permission to take breaks and I told myself that if I wasn’t being productive instead of forcing myself to continue to sit at the computer and not get anything done, I took a break and I did something that filled me up like reading a book or taking a walk or going outside.

When I came back I was much more productive and much more effective with my work.

Reconnect With Your Passion

I work with entrepreneurs who are similar to me. They have their own business they’ve been in business for a while and they are realizing that some of the things that they got into business for they’re not so passionate about anymore. Maybe they don’t love their business as much as they used to and so a lot of times they might show up in a struggle to find time for themselves. Their calendar is always booked and they don’t have time for really anybody let alone themselves. They go on vacation but they’re working on vacation so it’s not really a vacation.

So part of it covers physical, emotional and mental health and then part of it’s covering how you take your free time and how you do self-care time and have down time.

We’re worried that we’re going to miss out on something if we’re not in every single part of our business and as it gets more successful we can’t have our fingers in every pie. It just won’t work.

We need to step away and sometimes delegate tasks that we don’t enjoy.