Write Better Sales Copy Without Being A Copywriter

Write Better Sales Copy Without Being A Copywriter

Copywriting Is An Asset Of Your Business

Copywriting is one of those things that becomes an asset in your business so if you focus on it it will deliver better results as you grow.

If you get this right or you improve it from the beginning you can start to focus on getting more traffic and getting more leads.

Your copy does the work for you like pulling the heavy weight for you.

Know Your Customers

It’s so important to know your audience, You develop your customer avatar with something called the “customer language document”.  If you don’t have that, anything in your marketing is going to be so confusing and frustrating.

Your customer avatar is not just a superficial picture of my customer.

You need to go deeper. For example you need to know why your customer isn’t sleeping at night. What is on their mind when they wake up in the morning.

 What are their motivations?

What’s their decision-making process?

You need to know all those things. If you do this you will find that when it comes to writing any copy, it is going to be a lot easier because you’re going to know what it is that they want to hear.

Your copy is going to help them make a decision.

Your Customer Will Want To Read A Lot Of Information

People assume that the customer reading that page will only need to read one thing and that’s not true.

You need to walk them through the same journey you would walk them through as you were having a one on one sales conversation.

You need to deal with all of the fears and objections that they may have right there on the sales copy.

Focus On The Quick And Easy Aspects Of Your Solution

Focus on what’s the minimum viable benefit they can get with your product with the minimum time, effort and commitment invested because people want something quick and easy.

Capture Attention 

Catch their attention and call out to your audience. You want them to feel that they are at a place that is worth learning more about.