You Might Starve If You Don’t Learn Marketing – Lorraine Ball

You Might Starve If You Don’t Learn Marketing – Lorraine Ball

Hosting Conferences For Profit

We created a part of our business that was about teaching our customers. We would build websites and teach customers how to update them. We would create social media campaigns and teach customers how to take them over. That teaching piece was always part of what we did. We started to package some of these resources. I used to do live training and I started doing a little bit of online training.

We thought, let’s do a conference! Everyone told me that you don’t make money the first year that you have a conference. I didn’t really like the sound of that, after all I’m in business. I really wanted to make it a profitable exercise instead of just a marketing exercise.

We ran a really fun half day event of 100 people called the digital toolbox.

That was the whole premise was we were giving people the tools they needed and the idea was to do that every every.

Moving To Online Web Conferences

The first one was actually an in-person event but then we put all the resources on the website and invited people to join. We were planning on doing another in-person event but corona had different ideas. 

So in 2020 there was no conference but we had this website and so we started really promoting the digital toolbox as a standalone resource. We built out a facebook group and we started to really build that out.

People Prefer To Learn in Chunks Over Time

If you really want to learn something, you need to do it a little bit at a time. You need to practice what you learn and build on what you’ve learned. Sso today we are transitioning the webinars into longer self-paced classes. My 45-minute, “Why You’re Doing SEO Wrong” webinar is now an eight part program of little five minute videos, little assignments and worksheets that allow you to actually put into practice and use what you’re learning.