Your Business Will Explode If You Do This – Jessica Johnson

Your Business Will Explode If You Do This – Jessica Johnson

How To Get Fast Results From Copywriting

I think that the biggest thing is getting clear on your audience because depending on who that audience is they are going to have different questions that they need answers for online.

They’re going to have different things that they care about, things that they’re researching and if you’re trying to meet everyone you’re going to have a really hard time writing or creating content that reaches that one person you actually want to.

Know Your Audience

I always think that is your biggest starting place. I’m so curious about brands, I want to know everything about their audience, what they care about, what else they’ve tried and what hasn’t worked.

That can really help inform and facilitate better content that actually serves them and answers their questions.

Don’t Try To Write For Everyone

I think there’s that temptation whether you are a big corporation or more of an individual coach or brand, where you worry about missing out on traffic, by not covering a broad range of topics.

When you really get specific with your content, it provides a better experience for readers.

Why Are You Even Bothering To Write Content?

I think the first thing to do is to really start with, what’s your big goal here? What is the number one driver for your business this next quarter?

That’s going to inform the kind of content you create. 

Once You Know WHY, You Need To Map Your Content Strategy

We’d kind of map it all out. We might say, ” let’s spend the next week or two and build this asset”

We are going to plan out our blog posts in advance and drip them out once a week.

Included in that is the specific keywords we are going to target for search engine results.

Don’t Forget To Promote Your Content

Everyone thinks you want to spend 80 percent of your time creating and 20 promoting but it’s really the opposite. If you’re spending a lot of time on a blog post you want to be repurposing that and getting that out there so your audience can actually see it. So want to plan out how you are going to drive traffic from social media as well.